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About the Show

They all heard the stories – it’s the land of freedom!  The streets are paved with gold! No famine, no kings, no Cossacks, no pogroms, everyone is free, and free to speak their minds. That was then, and it’s the same now.  People come to America seeking a better life.


The Door to America is a new musical that tells the story of Jewish immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century, but is seems not much has changed since then. A tailor (Yossel) and his wife (Sadie) arrive at Ellis Island with visions of freedom and success in this new world. They soon discover that success doesn’t come easily – both in business and in marriage! Yossel finds work in a sweatshop, helps create a union to benefit his coworkers, and later battles that same union and its members who shout, “Get out of our country! Go back where you belong!”  His answer:“Where do I belong? I belong here!  I chose to be here, I chose to be free!” Yossel and Sadie’s struggles create a musical event that is simultaneously touching, triumphant, and joyous, recalling a history shared by millions of Americans. It’s the story of our parents and grandparents that shows how immigrants struggle and succeed. They did then - and they still do!


If you want to see a beautiful evening of theatre filled with heartfelt comedy, and songs you can actually hum, go see The Door to America.  Your grandparents will thank you!

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